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Some of my Tips include:

  1. Pack foods that hold their texture and won’t get mushy and will last outside the fridge. Pack them in a see through container so you can get them through security.
  2. Ideas include: Nuts and dried fruit, granola bars, carrot sticks and hummus, bananas and nut butter, home-made protein bars or energy balls.
  3. Stay hydrated while you travel. To get around the ban on liquids (100mls on planes), bring a plastic water bottle with some lemon and ginger slices in it, and then fill it up when you are through the gates. I usually find the flight attendants are happy to fill it up again halfway through the flight.
  4. Avoid Alcohol.
  5. Ginger sweets are great for travel sickness and a course of probiotics can be good for avoiding upset tummies.

Dealing with Jetlag

Jetlag is nobody’s friend. I like to take a magnesium supplement in the evenings. Going easy on the caffeine can help too as it can delay the release of melatonin pushing back the start of your biological night, leaving your body out of whack. Top combat jetleg:

  1. Stay hydrated once you arrive. I love coconut water on holidays, especially when it comes fresh in the coconut with nothing added but a straw. It’s like nature’s sports drink as it’s full of electrolytes.
  2. Keep moving. Go for a walk to explore the local area, rent a bike, run up the nearest hill, take advantage of the pool or even use the hotel’s gym. Don’t force yourself to stick to a routine, it’s a holiday after all, just try and stick to my 20 minutes a day movement mantra.
  3. Eat well. Take advantage of the fresh local produce on offer. Most hot countries serve up delicious fresh fruit for low prices, which is perfect for snacking on or sharing with friends. Start the day with a good breakfast.
  4. Have fun and RELAX! Our lives are so busy that taking time out to destress is really, really important. Take the time to switch off and you will come home ready to take on new challenges.