Here to Help Answer Your Questions


Here to Help Answer Your Questions

Why Join AsafaFitLife.com?

  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Healthy Lifestyle Plans
  • Loads of Exciting Easy to Prepare Recipes
  • Downloadable Workbooks
  • Fantastic Video Content
  • Expert Advice
  • Private Member’s Facebook Group

How much does it cost?

AsafaFitLife.com will be the best investment you ever make. You can pay $15 per month; $40 for 3 months (11% discount) or $150 if you would rather pay per year which includes 2 month Free.

How do I contact AsafaFitLife.com

You can contact me by sending email me at team@asafafitlife.com and I will respond to your query very soon.

How do you stay motivated?

Like everybody, my motivation comes and goes. This is why I believe in long-term healthy habits. The key for me is to keep things simple and easy. My healthy habits are relatively easy for me to implement in my life. I believe if you put the basic foundations of healthy habits in place first, then you’ll never get too far down the road of demotivation.

Do I need a gym membership?

At the moment, my workouts are gym- based. For this reason, having a gym membership would be favourable. You may be able to follow my workouts at home, depending on what kind of equipment you have available to you. I would recommend getting a gym membership in order to get the most out of my plans.

What's the Private Facebook Group?

The Private Facebook Group is a great community where members share tips, recipes, and support one another. Once you request to join the site, we will get you accepted as soon as possible. Feel free to post pictures of any recipes you’ve tried, any quotes you like, anything like that, as everyone in the group will appreciate it, and I loves to see my members getting involved. If you haven’t already done so, join our private Facebook group for members. 

Can you Chromecast AsafaFitLife.com to a television?

Unfortunatley, chromecast isn’t a feature AsafaFitLife.com supports at the moment, we are working on it, and will let you know when we have it up and running. For now, you can use ‘Screen Mirroring’ which will allow you to show AsafaFitLife.com on your television – but you cannot close the browser, and whatever can be seen on your screen, will be mirrored.

How many devices can I be logged into AsafaFitLife at a time?

You can log into AsafaFitLife on two devices at any given time – so your phone and laptop for example. Once your account is logged into on a third device, your other two devices will be logged out. This is a new security feature we have implemented with the aim of bringing things to your attention if your account details are jeopardised.

It is not the same to close the browser on the other devices, you must be actually logged out.

Do you take supplements and protein powder?

I prefer a food first approach to diet and like to meet as much of my nutritional needs as possible through the food I eat. On occasions when life has been particularly busy, I have reverted to using protein powders or supplements. Generally, I take a good quality multi-vitamin and occasionally magnesium. I believe most people can get what they need from food but everyone is individual and I would strongly urge you to check your bloods each year to ensure you are not lacking in anything.

I can’t cook, are your recipes easy?

I wanted to keep my recipes and food advice simple so that everyone who joined my site could benefit from this section. Everyone can cook what I cook. My recipes are loved by my wife and kids also, so they are family friendly! My recipes use easy-to-find ingredients and are super fast to prepare. As well as being easy and fast to prepare, they will help you to achieve the body you want when you pair nutrition with the fitness side of my site.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Of course you can cancel at any time. It is a monthly subscription that is designed to be flexible. Rather than charging premium pricing for once-off plans, my aim was to build a system that allows people to use the plan that best suits their current health focus.

To cancel your subscription, log into the site, and navigate to My Account in the menu. Go to the subscriptions tab, and you will see a link to cancel. 

Should you have any issue in doing this, contact team@asafafitlife.com and we will cancel it for you.

Do you have a personalized food plan?

Not yet! But this is something I’d love to look into for the future of AsafaFitLife.com

Do you cater for vegan/vegetarians?

The nutrition section of my site has loads of recipes. At the moment, there aren’t vegan/vegetarian specific recipes. This is something I’m working very hard on, as I realise it’s a lifestyle that’s constantly growing.

There are lots of recipes on my site which you can make vegan/vegetarian by substitution or removal of certain ingredients.

Do I have to decide after one month if I'd like to continue or is it automatic?

AsafaFitLife.com an autorenewal so after the month, you will be automatically charged. So if you would only like to sign up for one month, you will have to cancel your subscription before that date

Can you assure me that my credit card information will be protected?

The payment gateways for AsafaFitLife.com are Stripe and PayPal, and both are PCI compliant. Your credit card details are not stored or processed on our system. In the case of PayPal you are redirected to PayPal to enter your card details. With stripe, the card details are passed over https encryption to stripe servers.